Dear Friends and Family,

I’m taking the Blindfold Challenge! This unique race raises funds for organizations serving the blind and visually impaired in Massachusetts. I’m running to raise awareness for their cause and to support important programs that help blind individuals live with independence and dignity.

Participants in the Blindfold Challenge run a 5K blindfolded and assisted by a sighted guide. Runners are connected by a two-foot tether and will run the same course, at the same time, and under the same circumstances as the other runners in the event (the B.A.A. 5K in downtown Boston). This one-of-a-kind event mirrors the experience the many blind athletes who will be competing in the 5K and Boston Marathon the same weekend.

Running blindfolded is a way for athletes to show their solidarity with blind and visually impaired individuals, proving that with the right tools and support, something that seems incredibly difficult becomes entirely possible. I’ve committed to raising $1,000 — will you please help me reach my goal?

There are almost 90,000 blind and visually impaired individuals in Massachusetts. No gift is too small or too large!

If you can, please come cheer me on Saturday, April 14th at 8am in the Back Bay!

Thank you!